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“QUALITY HAS NO TIME LIMIT, BUT IS a work of devotion.”


a journey of a gin never seen, felt or tasted before.
dramatically smooth and complex TO be sipped naked, on the rocks.

crafted and assembled with only the finest botanical absolutes and touched by the exceptionally rare flower from the queen of the night cactus, seventy one rests for 71 nights in a trio of curated casks of oak, allowing the botanicals to gently marry and imbuing the spirit with amber glow. for each batch, casks are carefully blended under the eyes of our master blenderS, providing an unparalleled richness and complexity.

“our curiosity has led us down an uncharted path."

"SEVENTY ONE is formed by the distillation of each and every botanical separately, at their pinnacle of expression, with the most precise methods, to get their absolute best and gently rested in casks of oak for richness, smoothness and complexity.”



The accord of SEVENTY ONE is composed of singly distilled botanical absolutes. Having historically been the preserve of the world of fragrance, only the finest cut of highly concentrated absolutes are selected, befitting the rarity of each botanical and bringing a most precise composition of taste. Rarity embodied and amplified by the Selenicereus Grandiflorus - Queen of the Night cactus flower. Its absolute is extracted at one fleeting moment every year, at the peak of the night, sharing the climax of its magnificence. A rare floral phenomenon known for its intensely seductive scent. Rare & Bold.  Married with Jumbo Juniper, the Queen of the Night expands its taste profile, surrounding the notes of pine to create an unforgettable composition for a delicate yet lasting taste of fiery, creamy vanilla and buttery tonka bean.


After skilfully blending the botanical elements, SEVENTY ONE Gin embarks on a 71-night journey inside carefully chosen oak casks. In pursuit of balance, each cask has been selected to bring its own unique character to the final taste :

medium-toasted virgin European oak brings warm notes of vanillin, almond, and wood smoke; ex-Pedro Ximenes sherry casks offer sweetly aromatic spice notes, with grape and dark chocolate accents, and ex-Cognac casks add deep and rich flavour with a hint of rancio, accented by notes of pear, acacia honey and vanilla. This delicate maturation process tenderly harmonises, mellows, and refines the spirit, smoothing its natural edges to form an intriguingly complex, dramatically smooth gin.


A rare cuvée with a round, aromatic taste profile underscored by the presence of black sea juniper berries and a full, salient floral. The heady notes of Damascus rose are hand-culled at dawn while those ofthe white cactus flower Queen of the Night, at dusk. Exerting a powerful flavor palette, the gin releases a luscious texture that radiates with the complexity born from its unique distilling process: the finest cuts of botanical absolutes of the highest caliber, individually distilled to perfection. This devotion-focused composition transcends with racy elegance into an unctuous, fruity mouthfeel (sun-drenched pomelo, tonka bean), stretched by orchard dew, elegantly absorbing the fruity pulp and magnolias. Its sleek and slender structure, enveloping texture, perfectly balanced fragrances and precious distillation process unfold a large volume on the palate, releasing, in finish, a great reserve of power. The apogee of expression, as artistic as it is aromatic. Assertively complex. Decadently smooth. A story of nocturnal pleasures with each sip.


SEVENTY ONE gin is an elixir of the night… the power before the action. Such a seductive liquor merits an equally elegant flacon. 

Designed by Mert Alas, the bottle was conceived as a pillar of cut glass 
— a most classical expression of pure Art Deco inspired by Alas’ lifelong obsession with collecting crystal decanters and stemware. Poised on a heavy octagonal base, the geometric design rises upwards, a monolith capped by a luxurious black metal cap set in beveled shoulders.

The façade is anchored in the codes of haute perfumery, dominated by 
a matte label with embossed, gloss-black typesetting and stamped with SEVENTY ONE’s oneiric seal revisiting the mythological figure of ‘Krotos’.
The Greek satyr-like being appears anew, brandishing the ‘Queen of the Night’ flower as he dances under the stars of a sickle moon — the latter, a nod to Alas’ Turkish roots. Embodying a love for music and the hunt, Krotos, 
the legendary creator of applause, is the perfect mischievous mascot for SEVENTY ONE’s nocturnal reveling/capers/escapades/adventures.